Qualities You Should Look For in Your Auto Repair Shop

It’s time to seek an auto repair shop, but you’re unsure about the shop’s reputation. Maybe you’re wondering if the auto repair shop can handle your type of vehicle. Whether you are seeking a shop for specialized repairs or general repairs, there are specific qualities you should look for in your auto repair shop. 

Searching for an auto repair shop can be pretty stressful. When you find a shop you like, stick with them for many years to come. A poor experience can sour future interactions with other auto repair shops.  

As a car owner, this can be frustrating. You want:

  • To be able to trust your mechanic
  • To know your safety is always a top priority
  • To feel like you are not being taken advantage of

At Mach1 Motorsports, we strive to meet our customers’ expectations and needs and alleviate any fears or concerns.  We’re going to share with you the top qualities you should look for to help you find the perfect auto repair shop for your needs so you can have peace of mind.  

How Accessible is the Auto Repair Shop?

Ideally, the auto repair shop should have multiple locations.  Having more than one location shows sustainability, and clearly, clients are happy with the results. A business can survive with various locations if customers are consistently delighted and trust them.  

Additionally, if you travel, it is incredible when you can stick with that same auto repair shop while on the road. If your local shop is busy, perhaps the location across town or the next city over has time to do the repairs. 

However there are always hidden gems. Several highly rated repair shops are independently owned and operated by local business owners with a great team of mechanics. Accessibility means different things to different people, so if you find a local repair shop that does great work and that you can trust, stick with them and support their business.

Does the Auto Repair Shop Have Experience with Insurance Companies?

We all have auto insurance and sometimes warranties that cover repairs. Choosing an auto repair shop that does not have a great deal of experience with these two types of programs can be problematic. Nobody wants repairs delayed due to paperwork and red tape. You need your vehicle back quickly and properly accounted for when it comes to the paperwork. Additionally, the auto repair shop should have a positive track record with the insurance companies and warranty companies. 

Does the Auto Repair Shop Have Professional Technicians?

There are several different certifications automobile technicians can earn. The most prominent is the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence. This certification proves the technician has experience in multiple fields of expertise and allows customers to invest themselves and their vehicles in the auto repair shop and its employees.  

How Good is the Customer Service at the Auto Repair Shop? 

Too often, businesses don’t focus on customer service skills. Focusing on customer service entices customers to return, spread information by word of mouth, and even share their positive experiences online. A happy customer is priceless and the best advertising possible.  

The Auto Repair Shop Should Always Greet The Customers

Every customer wants to feel unique, and a simple positive, smiling greeting within the first five seconds of entering the facility is an excellent start to a long-term relationship.

The Auto Repair Shop Should Be Willing to Answer Questions 

A technician needs to understand what the problem is. What sounds is the vehicle making, and how often? Are any lights or sensors showing? It is crucial for the customer to voice their concerns and for the technician to ask whatever questions are necessary to grasp the issue that needs resolution.  

The Auto Repair Shop Should Offer Coupons And Deals

A good deal can entice everyone. That oil change coupon can quickly get a customer in the door for a more significant vehicle service. Being efficient and providing cost savings for an oil change will build the relationship for return visits that may not have anything to do with an oil change.  

Does the Auto Repair Shop Offer Loaners?

It is rare for an auto repair shop to have a supply of loaner vehicles, but those that do are likely to be far more successful than those who don’t. No one wants to miss work or necessary appointments while their vehicle is in the shop. Additionally, the stress of paying for the vehicle repair can be overwhelming. It is an excellent solution to provide a loaner vehicle. 

How Good is the Auto Repair Shops Communication?

When bringing a vehicle to the auto repair shop, it is beneficial to have advance notice of the diagnosis, a cost estimate, and an estimate of repair time. It is difficult to move on with personal commitments if the customer doesn’t know what is wrong with their car, how much it will cost them, and how long they will be without a vehicle or in a loaner. The customer does not want to be left guessing about these crucial questions. 

Will the Auto Repair Shop Discuss Options with You?

In some repair situations, there aren’t options. In other cases, there may be options (such as needing a new engine, used engine, or retrofitted engine) and there are associated costs with each. Options allow a customer to feel like they haven’t lost control, and they can be involved in the repair process. This process also helps to build a trusting relationship between the customer and the repair shop.

Let The Professionals Handle Your Auto Repairs

Mach1 Motorsports is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

We service all makes and models from old to new and we specialize in automotive performance and repair. From mild to wild and anywhere in between, we can take care of it. We help customers with our specialized experience with auto repairs, aftermarket parts, off-road vehicle builds, 4×4’s, diesel vehicle builds, and specialized repairs.  

Schedule an appointment today and let’s take care of your ride.

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