The Most Common Car Problems to Check for After Off-Roading

The thrill and excitement of off-roading over rocks, hills, mud pits, and canyons cannot be denied, but it is wise to be prepared and well-equipped for any vehicle issues before heading off onto the road less traveled. No matter your experience level, you should know that breakdowns can and will happen from time to time. Having the proper knowledge and tools at your disposal will be invaluable to keeping your adventure going and your vehicle in tip top shape while avoiding many of these problems.

This article will go over what you should check your vehicle for after a long day of cruising around on rough terrain. By knowing the precautions and utilizing caution and preparation, you can steer clear of many issues so you come home with a smile and a well-cared-for truck.

Most Common Car Issues Due to Off -Roading

Wheel Misalignment

Due to how uneven and rough the terrain you will be facing is, wheel misalignment is a rather common issue when you traverse the trails. Driving over ruts, rocky surfaces and uneven ground, the suspension system can take a real beating. 

Checking your vehicle’s alignment before you head out is important but even more important when you get back from a day of off-roading. If you see uneven tire wear or find your vehicle pulls heavily to the left or the right, your alignment is off and should be fixed immediately.

Tire Damage

Flats can be a quite common occurrence out on the trails. Rugged terrain can be hard on tires and a popped or damaged tire isn’t unusual after a long day out driving. If a tire does pop while you are out on an excursion, the best possible solution is to have a spare at the ready. 

Carrying a spare tire should always be on your checklist before you leave for your next off-roading adventure. This way, you won’t get stranded out in the middle of nowhere and you won’t do worse damage to your axle or rims trying to move your truck on a popped tire. 

Since popped tires are a common occurrence many off-roaders deal with, always check tire pressure as well as the tire pressure of your spare as well. Older spares should always be examined to make sure they are still valuable before you head out for the day. Likewise, don’t forget to fill your tires to proper off-road pressure before you hit the trails to reduce the likelihood of popping a tire in the wilderness.

Transmission Problems

We all fear the transmission light coming on even in normal instances, but when you are off-roading, you are putting extra wear and tear on your transmission, especially if your vehicle is a stick-shift. Overuse and overexertion of your vehicle can cause your transmission to falter. 

If you are finding that your shift is delayed or you are hearing grinding or odd noises when you shift after off-roading, you could be looking at some serious trouble. Make sure to get to a reputable mechanic as soon as possible to inspect your transmission and determine the extent of the damage before more damage occurs. 

Brake Issues

Even regular drivers have brake issues from time to time, as they wear out over time from commuting, so it is expected that off-roading would put extra strain on brakes. If you find your brakes vibrating, grinding, leaking fluid, or you can smell burning after braking, you could have an urgent brake issue that needs to be examined immediately by a mechanic. 

It’s hard to be gentle when you are driving a large vehicle up a canyon or drifting through the desert sand, but make sure you check your brakes afterwards for any damage or issues before you take your vehicle back out. 

Body Damage

While more cosmetic than mechanical, no one wants to damage their vehicle’s body while off-roading, however it is quite common to do so. When you are climbing up a rocky hill, it’s not uncommon for rocks or debris to bounce off and dent your vehicle. 

Off road fenders, skid plates and various undercoatings are available to help reduce the likelihood of significant damage to your vehicle.

Sustaining damage and having mechanical issues may be unavoidable at times, but taking the above precautions and respecting the trail you are on will help keep your vehicle driving and looking its best.

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