Vehicle Maintenance After Off-Roading

You just rolled up to the campsite after driving down that dusty abandoned trail, maybe even getting some air off of a few mounds along the way. It was an awesome drive, and everyone is congratulating you on how well you did. Now you’re having a great time celebrating your newfound skill as an off-road driver. 

But now what? Do you know what do you need to do now to keep your vehicle in good shape after you are done hitting the trails? 

Vehicle maintenance after off-roading can be broken down into four simple steps — clean the vehicle, check vehicle status, fill up your vehicle, and professionally maintain your vehicle between excursions — and here we’re going to explain what each of those steps entails so that you can be prepared.

Step #1. Clean the Vehicle

Before entering or leaving any terrain, review what gear needs to come out of the vehicle. After rolling up in a cloud of dust, it’s easy to forget what you brought with you when all that stuff has settled onto every surface inside the vehicle. 

Once you’ve gotten all of your gear out, there’s a good chance a layer of dust has sunk into every nook and cranny of your vehicle, including the engine. A quick hose down with a bit of water can help avoid deeper cleaning later. Vehicle-specific products designed to clean off tough mud and grime from off-roading are available as well if needed.

Collect all of your loose items that were taken out of the car and anything that fell on the floor during the drive. Nobody wants to lose their keys after all the hard work it took just to get there!

Step #2. Check the Vehicle Status

This step is a review of what to do before going back on the trail. Once you’ve finished up the last of your gear and given the car a quick cleaning, go through a mental list of things that need some attention. 

It’s likely something popped loose or came off during all that excitement, so be sure to have everything re-secured and locked down. Keep in mind if you drive any kind of open vehicle, there is more chance for items to fly out once unleashed from their confined storage spots. 

Vehicle maintenance after off-roading means don’t forget about checking tire pressure as well since more distance equals higher PSI needed. This will help with gas mileage and give you improved performance when tackling rocky trails. If you have a winch, use it now to pull the rig up onto some solid ground. This will give you easy access to all four tires so they can be re-checked for proper pressure.

If your vehicle is automatic, make sure the parking brake is fully functional after being used on rough trails. The last thing you want is for the car to roll away once everyone gets out! Vehicle maintenance means double-checking everything that could potentially cause damage or injury if left unchecked. Vehicle status should be checked before every trip anyway, just in case something does go wrong during the journey.

Step #3. Fill Up Your Vehicle

Driving off-road often requires additional gear and supplies along with extra fuel since there are likely no gas stations around for miles. It may be necessary to top off the tank after all that work, especially with a manual transmission, since constant shifting can use extra fuel. If you’re not sure of exactly how much gas your vehicle holds, check the owner’s manual or even the door jam. Many automakers put their exact capacity on their car manuals. 

Vehicle maintenance means making sure you have enough fuel for your trip plus an additional gallon or so just in case something unplanned happens along the way. It doesn’t hurt to keep a 3- or 5-gallon fuel canister (secured on the exterior of the vehicle) for emergencies. 

Vehicle maintenance is essential to keep all of your off-road activities safe and enjoyable, especially if your truck doesn’t usually see this kind of use. A vehicle status check becomes necessary before taking off on any trail, so problems don’t go unnoticed until it’s too late. 

Vehicle maintenance after off-roading requires assessing each trip as well, making sure everything checked before going back into the trails stays secured and in good working order during future excursions. Vehicle maintenance can not only help you avoid damaging your ride but allow for a safer experience overall. 

Step #4. Ensure Your Truck Is Professionally Maintained and Modded Between Excursions

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