Off-Roading in The Sand: Tips & Tricks You Should Know

One of the highlights of off-roading is that it’s always a new experience every time you hit the sand. Off-roaders have discovered that riding across the dunes can be both enjoyable and adventurous. If you are preparing to head to the desert, now is the moment to put your sand skills into action.

Sand driving, whether on the beach or in the desert, is a great deal of fun. However,  off-roading in the sand can be difficult due to the challenges of the terrain. Weather conditions may cause dunes to shift from week to week. In particular, wind can alter coastal dunes’ shapes, making them appear quite different than they were the last time you visited.

Before you hit the sand, make sure you have all of the necessary tools in case you need to adjust and potentially recover your vehicle. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind the next time you decide to go off-roading in the sand.

Tip #1. Check Your Tires

The first thing you should do whenever you start hitting the dunes is to ensure that your tires are in good shape. When sand off-roading, it’s vital to evaluate your tire pressure to guarantee that your vehicle is appropriate for the terrain. Often these sand paths require all-terrain tires with robust treading to safeguard from any obstacles you may encounter along the way.

Tip #2. Avoid Rapid Acceleration

Sand has an uncanny ability to shift beneath your vehicle. Because of this,  many individuals become stuck in the sand in the first place. When you move swiftly, you don’t give your wheels enough time to settle the sand beneath them. Alternatively, you may just use your tires as shovels, scooping up the sand beneath them by accelerating swiftly. Having some recovery tools on hand is the best approach to get away with it in these scenarios. However, you can use your truck’s floor mats or even spare wood to give traction. On the front bottom parts of the tires, position the rugs. The rubber should stick to the surface, giving the tires a more firm surface to roll on.

Tip 3. Straight Up, Straight Down

On dunes, especially steep ones, the best chance of success is approaching them straight on and with momentum. Unfortunately, you won’t always be able to get up and over on the first try. You will undoubtedly flip, dig in, and unload the suspension if you try to get your nose pointing back down the dune. If you stall in the middle, don’t try to swing the front end around. Instead, go back down in reverse and take special care to manage your speed and steering. 

Tip #4. Face Downhill or Stop on Hard Sand

While sand driving, you will need to come to a halt at some point, and a little forethought will help you restart driving when the time comes. After a few minutes of sand driving, you should be able to distinguish between hard and soft sand. When there’s no hard sand accessible, turn your vehicle around and come to a complete stop facing down a small dune. When it’s time to get back into sand driving, gravity will help you get unstuck.

Tip #5. Keep Up Momentum

Before entering the sand, choose a low range to keep moving without spinning up the wheels too quickly (as this increases the probability of getting trapped). For driving on the hard-packed beach, you can constantly stop and re-engage high-range. Beach access tracks are often twisted, so always proceed with caution. Even while they commonly need a considerable amount of momentum, particularly if on an incline, traveling too fast can damage the suspension by bottoming it out.

Tip #6. Bring Recovery Gear

At some point, you will almost definitely become trapped on the beach. It’s all part of the joy of going on adventures and off-roading. Although help is hopefully never too far away, it is imperative to pack up wheel tracks, a shovel, and a snatch strap to assist in getting out of hazards along the way. Remember to always secure your snatch strap to under-vehicle tow points rather than to your tow ball or bar since the strap can become a dangerous weapon if it snaps.

Time To Get Ready For Your Offroad Adventure

It is now time to get ready for your offroad adventure. You have your tools, supplies, and checklists and do’s and don’ts. 

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