Is Off-Roading Bad for the Environment?

Off-roading is an exciting outdoor activity, sport, and passion for many people. Because off-roading takes place in national parks, trails, forests, dunes, and other naturally beautiful places, being responsible and keeping the area looking how you left it is important for both other riders and drivers, as well as the environment.

Responsible off-roading is important not just to the environmentalist, but to the off-roader as well. This article will go over how off-roading actually impacts the environment and how to practice responsible off-roading to have as little impact as possible. 

How can off-roading affect the environment?

Offroading is capable of causing disturbances to local environs. Some concerns that have been raised in the past include:

  • Disturbing the ground. Off-road vehicles can churn up soil, leading to ruts, damaged root systems, and accelerate soil erosion. 
    • Solution: Do not go off the trails provided in the parks and trails you are off-roading on. These trails are designated for trail use and chosen to limit disturbance to nearby flora and fauna.
  • Disturbing vegetation. Damage of plants as they are run over. 
    • Solution: Do not disturb vegetation. Only ride on marked trails.
  • Disturbing wildlife. The engine noise from ATVs and dirt bikes can frighten animals and put them in harm’s way.
    • Solution: Most areas ATVs go are also places frequented by hikers and other humans. Make sure not to make unnecessary noise and don’t linger too long if you see wildlife.

As you can see, each of these concerns is well accounted for by the Bureau of Land Management, and precautions are put in place to protect wildlife and the natural environment. 

Where is it safe to go off-roading?

Believe it or not, there are MANY national parks that allow off-roading all over the United States. This fact alone shows that if off-roading were a danger to the environment, it would not be legal, nor as widespread as it is. 

Is the pollution from off-road vehicles harmful?

While the ideal is to have no carbon footprint, the impact from off-road vehicles is small compared to — for example — taking a roundtrip flight across the country. Substituting offroad activities for far-flung vacations actually benefits the environment.

And while the popularity of off-roading becomes more popular, fuel efficiency evolves along with it, making for more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles. As of now, you can get vehicles that run off of biodiesel, an even more environmentally friendly fuel that reduces your footprint even more. EV trucks are quickly becoming a reality as well, and present an even more sustainable option, going forward.

While off-roading is more than a zero-emission activity, it is not going to contribute to global warming in any visible way anytime soon, especially when compared to heavy traffic, meat farms and the other big offenders of pollution. As technology races forward, so will the engines and fuel for the vehicles we love to drive.

What can I do to practice responsible off-roading?

Here are some helpful tips on how you can have fun yet safe and thoughtful time while off-roading. 

Stay on the trail

When you are in areas that are designated for off-roading (sometimes called OHV areas,) stay on the assigned roads and trails. Public land can be vulnerable to environmental impact due to the high numbers of riders that operate in concentrated areas. You will always get a safer, more enjoyable ride following these paths and being an example to those who follow.

Leave Nothing Behind

Take out what you bring in with you. Pack only what is needed on the trip and make sure to pack in any refuse and take it with you. Leaving the area as you left it will encourage others to do the same.

Do Not Trailblaze

Leaving a marked trail and going off on unmarked areas can do a lot of harm to the area. Not only from the impact you create, but from those following. It could also be illegal in certain state or national parks, so beware. Don’t let your curiosity harm you, your vehicle, or the land.

Link Up With Other Enthusiasts 

Joining an off-roading organization whose mission includes environmental awareness can go a long way to proving you are dedicated to being eco-friendly. Being around like-minded off-roaders will make sure you are doing what needs to be done to be a smart enthusiast. 

Joining with others also can get you clued-in to some awesome trails and paths that you may not have known about. Take part in local clean-ups and educate other off roaders who may need a little push over to the side of conservation.

Experience The Freedom of Off-roading

You’re now ready for your next off road adventure. You have your tools, supplies, and checklists and list of how to stay environmentally-friendly. Make sure you have the perfect vehicle for your next trip. 

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