5 Great Offroading Ideas In The Portland Area

Summer is here, and we know you are ready for some offroading adventures. In Portland and the surrounding area, we are lucky to have many great spots for hitting the dirt.

When you work hard and play harder, your vehicle needs to be ready to perform with the best off-road equipment available. Whether you are new to off-roading or have been out on many trips, you want to make sure your vehicle is tuned up, ready to go, and up to par for your big adventure.

At Mach1 Motorsports, we’re here to help you make sure your vehicle is up to the task – let’s take a look at some of our favorite off road spots near Portland. 

Top 5 Tracks Near Portland

1. Bennett Pass

This trail is just over 11 miles with lots of beautiful alpine forests and incredible views. You can see both Mount Hood and Mount Adams and, on a clear day, even Three Sisters as you drive the narrow winding shelf roads at an elevation of 5915 feet at its peak. You will need a recreational pass for this one, and make sure you check the Forest Service website for any updates before you go.

Features Of This Trail:

  • Recreational permit needed and additional permits for ATV’s and bike
  • Wildflowers mid to late summer
  • Amazing views
  • Terrain is easy
  • Nature Hikes 
  • Wildlife and butterflies
  • OHV riding and camping
  • Fishing
  • Picnicking
  • Cabins and camping
  • Hunting
  • Winter sports

If it is snowy or icy, the shelf road at Waypoint 6 should be avoided as it is very narrow in one spot and may be challenging to navigate with a full-sized vehicle.

Overall, we rate this trail as easy. Pretty much anyone with a four-wheel drive should be able to drive this one during late spring through fall as it gets a lot of snow due to higher elevation.

2. Browns Camp Area Loop Trail

Located in Tillamook, Oregon, this 6.5-mile trail offers an impressive long-distance view and has an elevation gain of 1,007 ft.

This fun ride includes a waterfall, fantastic scenery, and miles of twisting track, which is about 95% singletrack. The trail can be pretty muddy depending on how much rain there has been, and there are both excellent climbs followed by good descents with a view. 

Features Of This Trail:

  • Nature excursions
  • Bird watching
  • Forest walks
  • River walks
  • Hiking with views that will leave you stunned
  • Waterfall
  • Wildflowers
  • Climb
  • Backwoods trails that are primarily for ATVs and Dirt bikes
  • Dogs are welcome on leash

There are times when the tour is closed for OHV due to forest fires, and we recommend that you take a look at the official state website before going.

We rate it as moderate, depending on the season. The best time to use this trail is from February through November. and.

3. Firebreak Five

This 2.5-mile trail, without a doubt, is a challenging trail, which can go from mild to wild depending on the conditions. Firebreak Five, located near Banks, Oregon, has earned the distinction of being a Jeep Badge of Honor trail.

As we touched on before, it depends exclusively on the time in which you visit the trail:

  • In dry summer weather, most vehicles can travel the entire trail.
  • In the winter, wet weather can make the trail become very muddy and impassable. 

Waypoint 3 becomes incredibly difficult unless you own a truck that rolls on sticky tires, and front and rear lockers. These demanding and changing conditions are part of the adventure!

There is an optional rock garden for those looking for a great challenge, with tough lines to overcome and obstacles that will challenge even the most well-built vehicles. 

Features on this trail:

  • Trekking
  • Nature excursions
  • Bird watching
  • The terrain consists of seasonal Mud and snow, forest and rock
  • Camping
  • Incredible views
  • Wildflowers
  • Climbing
  • Permit required
  • Backwoods trails are primarily utilized by ATVs, Quads, and Dirt bikes 

We rate it difficult to severe in the winter months and moderate in the summer. Ensure you check with the Tillamook State Forest for any possible closures due to weather, fire, storms, etc.

4. Barlow Trail

This historic 22-mile trail in Wamic, Oregon, begins at the edge of central Oregon’s prairies and giant oak trees, passing through dense forest in Ponderosa Pines. You then pass through Douglas Firs, Western Larch, and other alpine species of spruce, alder, and even some poplars before arriving at Barlow Pass on the crest of the Cascades.

Today, the segment of Barlow Road between the eastern edge of the forest and Barlow Pass is now known as the Barlow Trail (NF-3530). 

Features of this trail:

  • Trekking
  • Nature trips
  • Camping both designated and dispersed
  • The terrain consists of seasonal Mud and Snow, Forest, Rock, and Overland
  • Bird watching
  • Scenic with Incredible views
  • Sighting of local flora and fauna

This is a moderate trail for experienced drivers, as it has free falls and long and dangerous descents. Winter conditions, including snow, exist on this trail.

Currently, Waypoint 32 is closed, so check in with the Mount Hood National Forest website for updates.

5. Noonday Trail

Located in Cottage Grove, Oregon, this trail is 6.9 miles long and has steep climbs, switchbacks, and sometimes narrow paths. This trail is an old wagon trail, and any vehicle is allowed. However, it is best suited for short wheelbase rigs, and make sure you carry a wench. The lower half of the trail is a more difficult OHV section, and the upper portion goes through forest and logging areas but is still a little challenging for less experienced OHV users.

The difficulty of this trail increases when it is wet and is not recommended for first-timers. The views are breathtaking, and there are many waterfalls along the way up the trail. Make sure you exercise caution on the way down as there are many large rocks and possibly stumps. This trail gets moderate use.

Features Of This Trail:

  • Recommended for motorbikes, OHV, and hiking
  • Waterfalls
  • Nature Hikes
  • The terrain is seasonal mud, rock, forest, logging roads, some narrow areas, mostly hard-packed
  • Permit required for ATV
  • Elevation 1900 to 5400 ft

This trail is best from late spring to late fall and is rated moderate to difficult.

Always make sure you check for closures at any of these trails due to possible fires or inclement weather.

Contact Us To Help You Get Your Vehicle Ready

You need the best care and equipment for your truck, as well as a prior and subsequent overall check to ensure you have the best possible off-road adventure. 

All these trails can be enjoyable and challenging depending on your skill level, the type of vehicle you are using, and the installed offroad equipment. At Mach1 Motorsports, we specialize in Aftermarket Parts, Offroad Vehicle Builds, Diesel Builds, and Automotive Repair. Make an appointment today to schedule a consultation and get your vehicle ready for a summer of off-roading fun and adventure.

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